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[EPU] FYI - Eyrie Productions, Unlimited

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October 31st, 2011

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11:28 pm - [EPU] FYI
The current outage of the Eyrie Productions website is not because the server is down, it's because the server where the domain's DNS is hosted is down* and I was fool enough not to set up a proper backup after I stopped hosting DNS at home. This has been corrected and should not happen again in the same way, once the primary DNS comes back up and the new secondary (thanks keshwyn) can pick up the zone file from it.

Also, apologies for the double post, but I just remembered the EPU community and I'm not sure if there might be some people who follow one and not the other. If indeed anyone is still following either. Pretty slow on the ol' LJ of late...

* For those of you not living in the northeastern US, you may not know that we had a freak snowstorm up this way last weekend, and thanks to the wet heavy snow and the fact that a lot of trees still had leaves, there are widespread power outages in parts of New England.

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