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October 31st, 2011

11:28 pm - [EPU] FYI
The current outage of the Eyrie Productions website is not because the server is down, it's because the server where the domain's DNS is hosted is down* and I was fool enough not to set up a proper backup after I stopped hosting DNS at home. This has been corrected and should not happen again in the same way, once the primary DNS comes back up and the new secondary (thanks keshwyn) can pick up the zone file from it.

Also, apologies for the double post, but I just remembered the EPU community and I'm not sure if there might be some people who follow one and not the other. If indeed anyone is still following either. Pretty slow on the ol' LJ of late...

* For those of you not living in the northeastern US, you may not know that we had a freak snowstorm up this way last weekend, and thanks to the wet heavy snow and the fact that a lot of trees still had leaves, there are widespread power outages in parts of New England.

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February 20th, 2009

03:23 pm
Wow, it's like magic: Zoner goes out of town, site goes down.


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October 23rd, 2008

11:43 am - uh...
okay, I don't know what that was about, but that poster is no longer a member of this community.

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August 10th, 2008

11:18 pm - normal service restored
Our domain registrar noticed that we were down and pushed the renewal through without waiting for the echeck to clear (this is the primary benefit of doing domain registry through someone you know as opposed to a big company :), so things should now be getting back to normal as regards eyrie-productions.com. Thanks for your cards and letters.

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August 8th, 2008

04:40 pm - domain twiddlery
I accidentally let the domain registration for eyrie-productions.com lapse, which it did last night. It's in no danger of being deleted, as there's a considerable grace period and I've filed a renewal, but it may not propagate through the system entirely until the echeck clears. In the meantime, eyrie.net still points to the same place.

We apologize for any, etc.

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November 24th, 2007

09:52 am - EPU server off the air
Either the server itself or Zoner's DSL has gone down. Naturally, because it always works this way, this has happened while Zoner's out of town (in this case he's in Omaha until Tuesday).

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June 18th, 2007

06:35 pm - Heads up
Dear Megazone,

We're writing to inform you of a Network Maintenance Event that will
impact your Speakeasy Broadband service(s).

On Tuesday morning, June 19th 2007, we will be performing scheduled
maintenance on the Boston Network Access Point (NAP) through which
your Broadband connection is routed.

Maintenance will begin at 12:00 AM EDT on Tuesday morning and
end by 6:00 AM EDT. While you will experience a service disruption
during this time, it is unlikely that your service outage will
extend through the entire time frame. Service interruptions during
a maintenance event like this often last only a few minutes.

Thank you in advance for your patience as we continuously work to
improve our service to you.

We appreciate your business!

Speakeasy Network Operations
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February 22nd, 2007

08:27 pm - Looks like we're back online.
The verdict (according to the phone call I just got from ninjarat): power problems at zonereyrie's plus dead CMOS battery in the server equals "boot disk? What boot disk?" (Compounding the confusion: there was another server in that room labeled "rei" that was not, in fact, rei. That's my fault. I didn't take the label off the previous rei when she was decommissioned, what, five years ago.)

Mad props to usagijer and solipsistnation for getting things working again.
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03:15 pm - EPU is down
It appears that EPU is down. This time it is not the DSL. I'm in Florida on vacation, and usagijer just told me about EPU being unreachable. I have a Slingbox at home and I can connect to that, so the DSL is up.

There are signs that the power went out sometime this morning, so the working theory right now is that either Rei (the EPU server) or the UPS she's on failed to re-power. usagijer is planning to check it out.
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August 17th, 2006

08:51 pm - A comic recommendation
A comment from pawo in my LJ made me think this is worth sharing. For a while I've been reading a great web comic called A Miracle of Science. He pointed out that anyone associated with EPU should really read it from the start - and, y'know, he's right. :-) It is a great story with much the same kind of spirit EPU has. The RSS feed, miracle_science, is kind of spotty - it'll update periodically, not necessarily every time there is a new comic. So if you follow it that way, be sure to check the 'previous' link and go back to where you left off each time. :-)
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